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You are still enduring the problem of traditional manual cutting?

Increasing production capacity can only be achieved by working overtime and expanding the recruitment of workers?

High cost?

Manual loading and unloading,Waste of manpower,High labor costs?

There are burrs?

Cutting the end face with burrs,We need a processing sequence to do it well?

Error prone?

Human error prone,Difficulty in controlling quality and time difference?

Low efficiency?

Low efficiency and slow production,I dare not accept urgent orders with large orders?


Insufficient manual accuracy,Low flatness,Waste materials?

Feng Shun Helps You Start the Era of Automated Production

1Replacing automated production lines5Workers

Automated pipe cutting production line

Automated pipe cutting production line

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  • Cutting multiple branches at once
  • Automatic cutting of head and tail materials
  • No need to replace fixtures
  • Automatic loading and unloading
  • One person watching multiple channels
  • Universal square and round flat tubes
  • Fine cutting
  • Chamfer(Deburring/punching)
  • Multi process unmanned production line
Aluminum automatic cutting machine

Aluminum automatic cutting machine

Fengshun Customized Hotline:+86-0757-85611348
  • ±0.05MMHigh precision
  • Automatic loading and unloading
  • High gloss cutting blade surface
  • Automatic cutting of tailings
  • Integrated drilling, tapping, and milling
  • Multi process unmanned production line

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Seeing the charm of automation through videos

Show you automated pipe cutting、Live situation of automated aluminum cutting on site

Fully automatic high-precision aluminum profile cutting machine
Fully automatic high-precision aluminum profile cutting machine
Fully automatic aluminum profile cutting machine
Fully automatic aluminum profile cutting machine
CNCFully automatic pipe cutting and chamfering production line
CNCFully automatic pipe cutting and chamfering production line
Automatic loading and unloading pipe cutting production line
Automatic loading and unloading pipe cutting production line

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Imported quality,Good but not expensive

Why choose Feng Shun?

Cost reduction and efficiency improvement with good quality,Non standard custom selection of feng shun

Why choose us

Source manufacturer saves costs

15Annual Experience Source Manufacturer,National high-tech enterprise

• have15Annual fully automatic aluminum cutting machine/Pipe cutting machine/Pipe bending machine/Research and manufacturing experience of chamfering machines;

• have5000A modern independent factory with multiple square meters,Scale production,High cost performance ratio;

• Integrating research, production, and sales,Obtaining national high-tech enterprise certification。


Strong patented technology in hand

master30Multiple patented technologies,Customized by a senior engineer

• Accumulated acquisition of invention patents、Total number of utility model patents30Remaining items;

• Self built product research and development laboratory,10Yu Ming, a senior engineer, develops customized products for clients;

• Adopting high-precision equipment from Taiwan and German process system,Make every device a good one with dedication。


Full inspection before leaving the factory with high quality

0error6Full detection factory,Imported quality,Good but not expensive

• From production to factory delivery,Every device experiences6Full inspection process,Ensure continuous stability of equipment;

• adoptISO9002Quality system certification,Long term exports to European and American countries,Meets export quality standards;

• The core components are supplied by major foreign brands,Allowing you to enjoy imported quality equipment at a lower cost。


National joint insurance is more worry free

24On site maintenance within hours,24On site maintenance within hours

• 10Years of experience in on-site installation, trial production, and training guidance for experienced senior engineers,Provide after-sales service with a two-year warranty for the entire machine;

• Free provision of technical support and training services Technical theory、Usage operation、Comprehensive guidance on maintenance and upkeep;

• Quality issues occur during product operation,Some regions can achieve24On site processing within hours。

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Why choose Feng Shun?Why choose Feng Shun?

30More than one patented technology escorts the entire process

Mastering core automation technologies,Obtaining national high-tech enterprise certification


Source strength powerhouse,Integration of production, research and sales

Independent research and developmentSelf productionNon standard customizationNational service

What pipe cutting machine is used for cutting large quantities of pipe fittings

With the increasing use of stainless steel pipe products in daily life,The demand for pipe cutting equipment is also increasing,The requirements are also getting higher and higher;that,What kind of pipe cutting machine is good for cutting large quantities of pipe fittings?Stainless steel cutting specifically designed for large-scale pipe cutting...


Feng Shun analyzes the fully automatic hydraulic pipe bending machine for you

At present, the aluminum cutting machines in the market are all fully automatic processing machinery,The processing technology of aluminum profile cutting machines is constantly improving with the increase of people's living conditions,The accuracy of different aluminum material processing and cutting does not depend on the material being processed,and...


How to choose a cost-effective automated pipe cutting machine

Facing the dazzling array of automated pipe cutting machines in the market,Have you already been dizzy,Few Options ?The most expensive doesn't necessarily mean the best,Only the automated pipe cutting machine that is suitable for one's own enterprise has a high cost-effectiveness!Choosing a suitable automated pipe cutting machine is mainly...


What are the methods for removing burrs in machining machinery?

Nowadays, with the increasing emphasis on burr removal in various industries,stayCNCAlthough the burrs in precision parts processing are not very small,But it directly affects the quality of the product, so,There are also endless methods for deburring。Electrolytic deburring is suitable for deburring...


The advantages of fully automatic pipe cutting machines

The fully automatic pipe cutting machine utilizes the principle of gear differential feed,Realizing longitudinal feed of cutting tools on a high-speed rotating cutterhead,Thus achieving the immovable clamping of the steel pipe,A New Concept of Rotary Cutting with Knife Head。The fully automatic pipe cutting machine can automatically achieve feeding of steel pipes、Fixed length、Clamping...


Why is the deformation of the pipe mouth of the fully automatic pipe cutting machine?

At present, most automatic and fully automatic pipe cutting machines on the market adopt single oil clamp design and multiple cutting design,What problems will this cause?The design of a single oil clamp can cause the pipe to not clamp tightly during clamping and cutting,Pipe slipping,Causing saw blades...


What should be paid attention to during the installation and debugging process of the fully automatic pipe cutting machine?

The safety precautions to be paid attention to during the installation and debugging process of fully automatic pipe cutting machine equipment are very important,Mechanical equipment, in terms of configuration, belongs to a type of high-end and precise machine tool machinery production and processing equipment,And during the debugging process, not only do we need professional debugging positions...


How to improve the utilization rate of fully automatic pipe cutting machines?

Fully automatic pipe cutting machine is a professional tool used in mold manufacturing、Hardware machinery、Machine tool manufacturing、Hydraulic components、Valve manufacturing、Chamfering and milling of textile machinery、Small precision machine tools for burrs in products processed by planing and other methods。 The price of fully automatic pipe cutting machine is on the market...


How to maintain and upkeep the pipe bending machine

1、When cleaning the oil tank of the pipe bending machine,To clean the oil inlet filter of each pump。2、After the device starts to be used1—2Within months,Clean the oil tank and filter the hydraulic tank once。3、If it is found that the forward and retreat switches fail,Firstly, check if the solenoid valve is activated...