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Fengshun Machinery Technology is a company that integrates production, manufacturing, and sales services,The main products include fully automatic pipe cutting machines、Fully automatic aluminum profile cutting machine、Fully automatic pipe bending machine、Fully automatic chamfering machine、Fully automatic burr brushing machine and multi process unmanned production line。The profit model is direct sales from manufacturers、Personalized non-standard Equipment customization。

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Foshan Fengshun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd

Foshan Fengshun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd——Manufacturer of automated processing equipment for metal pipe forming

Foshan Fengshun Machinery Technology Co., Ltd,It is a company that integrates development、research design 、A large modern production enterprise that integrates production and processing of professional refrigeration commercial equipment。13Annual focus on fully automatic aluminum cutting machines/Pipe cutting machine/Pipe bending machine/Research and manufacturing of chamfering machines

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