What are the advantages of aluminum cutting machines?

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What are the advantages of aluminum cutting machines?

Many people in the industry have heard of aluminum cutting machines now,But what is the purpose of an aluminum cutting machine?I believe most people don't understand,As a domestic industry enterprise,Now Dexing will briefly introduce the aluminum cutting machine from the perspective of applicable industries and enterprises,What are the key development areas:

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1、High speed aluminum cutting machine lathe,Composite machining machines for turning centers and four axis or more linkage。Mainly meeting the needs of aerospace、aviation、instrument、instrument、The needs of industries such as electronic information and biotechnology。

2、High speed aluminum cutting machine and high-speed、Vertical and horizontal machining center。Mainly meeting the needs of automotive engine cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, and aerospace、Large and complex structural supports in high-tech and other industries、housing、Box body、Requirements for processing light metal material parts and precision parts。

3、heavy、Ultra heavy aluminum profile machine tools:Aluminum profile floor milling and boring machine、Heavy duty aluminum profile gantry boring and milling machine and gantry machining center、Heavy duty aluminum profile horizontal and vertical lathes,Heavy duty gear hobbing machines for aluminum profiles, etc,This type of product meets the energy requirements、Aerospace、Military industry、Ship main engine manufacturing、Heavy machinery manufacturing、Large scale mold processing、The demand for machining parts in industries such as steam turbine cylinder bodies。

4、Aluminum profile grinding machines:Aluminum profile ultra precision grinding machine、High speed and high precision crankshaft grinder and camshaft grinder、Various high-precision and high-speed specialized grinding machines, etc,Meet the needs of precision and ultra precision machining。

5、Aluminum profile electrical machining machine tools:Large precision aluminum profile electric discharge forming machine tool、Low speed wire EDM cutting machine for aluminum profiles、Precision small hole electrical machining machine tools, etc,Mainly suitable for large and precision mold processing、Precision parts processing、Conical or irregular hole machining and aerospace、Special needs of aviation and other industries。

6、Aluminum profile metal forming machine tools(Forging equipment):High speed and precision sheet metal stamping equipment for aluminum profiles、Laser cutting composite machine、Aluminum profile strong spinning machine, etc,Mainly meeting the needs of automobiles、motorcycle、Electronic information industry、The demand for efficient mass production of sheet metal in industries such as home appliances and various thin-walled structures in automotive wheel hubs and military industries、high strength、High precision rotary parts machining requirements。

7、Aluminum profile dedicated machine tools and production lines:Flexible machining automatic production lineFMS/FMCAnd various specialized aluminum profile machine tools,This type of production line is designed for automobiles、Processing cylinder blocks in industries such as home appliances、cylinder head、Transmission case and various types of variable batch housing、Processing requirements for box type parts。

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