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The advantages of fully automatic pipe cutting machines

        The fully automatic pipe cutting machine utilizes the principle of gear differential feed,Realizing longitudinal feed of cutting tools on a high-speed rotating cutterhead,Thus achieving the immovable clamping of the steel pipe,A New Concept of Rotary Cutting with Knife Head。The fully automatic pipe cutting machine can automatically achieve feeding of steel pipes、Fixed length、Clamping、Tool feed、loosen、Conveying finished products、Print batch number、Tail material output and other functions,And automatically loop,Thus achieving continuous automated processing,Significantly improved work efficiency,Provided a solution for continuous mass production for enterprises。Effectively solved the high energy consumption in high-speed rotation processing of steel pipes、Machine tool shaking、Low cutting efficiency、Short tool life、Low production operation rate、Poor quality of steel pipe end face、Problems such as inability to determine the length。

The control system of Fengshun fully automatic pipe cutting machine adopts an industrial Ethernet motion control platform,High degree of automation,Strong control function,Fully realize production automation of steel pipe cutting and processing,main features :

        aGood energy-saving effect。Use tool rotation,Pipe not moving,Saves the power required for pipe rotation。
befficient、Low operating costs。Adopting a cutting method of simultaneous machining with multiple cutting tools,High processing efficiency,Low tool consumption。
cHigh machining accuracy、Low noise。
dHigh reliability、Good accuracy maintenance、Easy maintenance。

       Fengshun fully automatic pipe cutting machine is suitable for petroleum casing、welded pipe、High pressure boiler tubes、Conduit、High efficiency of optical tubes and other materials、Precision cutting processing,Can meet the needs of oil、metallurgy、In the context of large-scale production in industries such as bearings。meanwhile,Can reduce electricity consumption,Save steel。

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