How to choose a cost-effective automated pipe cutting machine

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How to choose a cost-effective automated pipe cutting machine

     Facing the dazzling array of automated pipe cutting machines in the market,Have you already been dizzy,Few Options?The most expensive doesn't necessarily mean the best,Only the automated pipe cutting machine that is suitable for one's own enterprise has a high cost-effectiveness!Choosing a suitable automated pipe cutting machine mainly depends on the size of the cutting volume,Choose cutting accuracy and other factors。The cutting tubes on the market now only need to be divided into:Semi-automatic automatic pipe cutting machine-Fully automated pipe cutting machine-Fully automatic pipeline cutting,Its production is increasing in sequence。Of course, there is also laser cutting,But the cost of laser cutting is too high,Not cost-effective。It is worth mentioning the fully automatic pipe cutting machine and the fully automatic pipeline cutting machine,These two machines have a high degree of automation,Compared to manual or semi-automatic automated pipe cutting machines,Its cutting efficiency is higher,Low cutting cost,Suitable for mass production。The Fengshun fully automatic cutting production line has been highly favored by manufacturers since its inception,There are six main characteristics as follows:
   1.Provincial materials:Can automatically identify the material head and tail,And cut off。
   2.High precision:Control settings+Mechanical positioning,Cutting accuracy up to±0.05mm。
   3.Provincial labor force:Fully automated,Simply manually place the tube on the material rack,The rest will be fully automated,One person can operate multiple machines simultaneously。Easy for company management。
   4.high efficiency:The average time it takes to make a cut is2-3second。
   5.Cutting effect:No burrs、Flat and smooth,No need for secondary processing。

   6.Can be connected to subsequent processing equipment,Improve the production technology level of manufacturers

    So many types of pipe cutting machines,How to choose a cost-effective automated pipe cutting machine?Contact Fengshun,You only need to provide the specifications of the pipes,material,Cutting requirements,Cutting quantity...We will have professionals to provide you with high-quality solutions,Helping you find cost-effective automated pipe cutting machines。

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