industry4.0The advantages of pipe cutting machines in liberating manpower in the era

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industry4.0The advantages of pipe cutting machines in liberating manpower in the era

I don't know if friends in the pipe cutting industry have noticed it。Since the emergence of Fengshun Machinery's new generation automatic pipe cutting machine,Due to the limitations of this machine product“essence”“new”“strong”Powerful features of,Continuously causing market sensation。Known by many industry professionals as the dark horse in the industry。

Where is the precision of Fengshun automatic pipe cutting machine?

     This pipe cutting machine innovatively adopts a servo CNC system,The cutting length accuracy can reach0.05MM. The servo CNC closed-loop system ensures the uniformity of length accuracy for each branch pipe。

     The precision of this pipe cutting machine is also reflected in“Unmanned production”On this corporate vision。To achieve this corporate vision,In the control panel of one of the core components of the intelligent pipe cutting machine,The control system and program are designed and developed by the R&D engineers of Mechanical Fengshun,Implement one click start、One click shutdown,Implemented more intelligent machines,The desire for simpler operation,Enable users to easily find someone with some training to operate this machine,Effectively reducing the company's reliance on employee technology、Quality requirements。

Where is the new Fengshun pipe cutting machine located?

    This pipe cutting machine adopts an innovative structural design,The Fengshun automatic pipe cutting machine adopts an innovative intelligent cycle uninterrupted new feeding system。Innovatively adopting a unique intelligent distinguishing cutting material head and tail function system。In addition, innovative design has been adopted with a comprehensive and universal feeding and feeding system(Circular tube、Square tube、Flat tube universal)。And in the innovative cutting method, the long and short tube mode is adopted,It can also be used with chamfering machines、Pipe bending machine、Integrated unmanned production line for burr brushing unit synthesis。

What is the strength of Fengshun automatic pipe cutting machine?

     This pipe cutting machine is strong in its powerful functions,It has functions that other pipe cutting machines have,There are still a few strong points。Firstly, it is strong in intelligence, efficiency, and labor saving,Can achieve unmanned operation,Continuous production,One person can see ten machines。Secondly, it is strong in adopting an intelligent length calculation servo control system,Machine structure optimization,Less equipment malfunctions,Long lifespan。Once again, it is strong in having a patented clamping system,The pipe is clamped without deformation,After clamping, it is firmly fixed and cannot be moved,Mirror tube without indentation,Scratch free。

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