Knowledge related to aluminum sawing machines

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Knowledge related to aluminum sawing machines

The fully automatic aluminum cutting machine is a type of machine controlled by a CNC system,Can automatically achieve alignment of aluminum tubes、Steel pipe feeding、Fixed length、Clamping、Tool feed、loosen、Conveying finished products、Print batch number、Tail material output and other functions,And automatically loop,So as to achieve continuous automated processing of cutting machinery。

operational principle:Using the principle of gear differential feed,Realizing longitudinal feed of cutting tools on a high-speed rotating cutterhead,Thus achieving the immovable clamping of the steel pipe,A New Concept of Rotary Cutting with Knife Head。Effectively solved the high energy consumption in high-speed rotation processing of steel pipes、Machine tool shaking、Low cutting efficiency、Short tool life、Low production operation rate、Poor quality of steel pipe end face、Problems such as inability to determine the length。CNC system control,Can automatically achieve feeding of steel pipes、Fixed length、Clamping、Tool feed、loosen、Conveying finished products、Print batch number、Tail material output and other functions,And automatically loop,Thus achieving continuous automated processing,Significantly improved work efficiency,Provided a solution for continuous mass production for enterprises。

purpose:Parts of fully automatic aluminum profile cutting machine、Heat sink、Audio panel、Graphics card、network card、CPU、Hard disk case、MP3Aluminum shell、UPlate aluminum shell, etc。Used for aluminum materials、Stainless steel、Oil casing、welded pipe、High pressure boiler tubes、Conduit、High efficiency of optical tubes and other materials、Precision cutting processing,Can meet the needs of hardware factories、petroleum、metallurgy、In the context of large-scale production in industries such as bearings。meanwhile,Can reduce electricity consumption,Save steel。

Workflow:During the production process of a fully automatic pipe cutting machine, the pipe cutting workflow usually includes automatic feeding、clamp(fixed)、Feeding、cut off、The iterative process of counting this cycle。

one、Automatic feeding。The first step of cutting pipes:The fully automatic pipe cutting machine feeding refers to one pipe6Meter length or8Mi's pipe fittings(workpiece)Combined with pipe cutting equipment,Pipe fittings and equipment attachment。There are many pipe cutting equipment that cannot effectively achieve this,Often it's just a material support frame made,Place the entire bundle of pipe fittings on the rack,But this can also greatly facilitate the loading of materials by workers。Some manufacturers have also developed self feeding and feeding devices,When the front pipe fittings are cut off,The pipes on the automatic feeding device are automatically fed to the pipe cutting machine。

two、Clamp the workpiece(fixed)。It refers to the process of fixing a pipe during cutting,The firmness of fixation directly affects the accuracy of cutting,And cutting tools(Saw blade)The lifespan of,The common fixation methods we use now include manual hand holding fixation,Automatic hydraulic clamping,Pneumatic clamping, etc。

three、Feeding process。It refers to when the pipe is completed with feeding,The process of feeding after cutting each section,Manual, of course, is to hold and feed with your hands,The automatic feeding method includes a motor、Pneumatic mode、Hydraulic mode,Cooperate with rollers or screws to push feeding。

four、Cut off automation。This is an essential element of a fully automatic pipe cutting machine,Of course, it cannot be said that it is an automatic pipe cutting machine while pressing the feed with your hand,The process of cutting in is as the pipe incision deepens,The progressive process of cutting tools,The existing mechanical feed is driven by gears、With pneumatic feed、Hydraulic feed, etc。

five、Automatic counting function for cutting workpieces。That is to say, the number of cut pipes reflects the quantity,todayPLCThe control system has an additional automatic counter function。

Safety operating procedures

1、Aluminum cutting machines, pipe cutting machines, and other machine tools are prohibited from changing cutting tools or loosening clamping materials at different speeds during operation。

2、Emergency situation:In case of power outage or mechanical failure, etc,Power must be cut off,Remove the saw blade from the saw material。

3、When sawing large materials,Loading and unloading require assistance from someone,The use of cranes must be strictly followed“Lifting Safety Operating Procedures”。

4、In daily production,When the aluminum cutting machine saws long materials,Must be usedⅤType cushion material support,Prevent injury from rolling and prying。

5、During the cutting process of aluminum cutting machines and other cutting machinery,When the material is cut off,Attention should be paid to prevent falling and injuring hands、foot。

6.Aluminum cutting machine、During the operation of pipe cutting machines and other machine tools, it is prohibited to change the speed of cutting tools or loosen clamping materials

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