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What pipe cutting machine is used for cutting large quantities of pipe fittings

 With the increasing use of stainless steel pipe products in daily life,The demand for pipe cutting equipment is also increasing,The requirements are also getting higher and higher;that,What kind of pipe cutting machine is good for cutting large quantities of pipe fittings?A stainless steel cutting machine specifically designed for cutting large quantities of pipe fittings—Fengshun fully automatic pipeline cutting has been launched。


      What is an intelligent fully automatic pipe cutting machine?Intelligent pipe cutting machine refers to the feeding of pipes through a CNC intelligent control system、Feeding、Intelligent cutting and tailings processing、Automated operations,A pipe cutting machine that can effectively save manpower and material resources。It can automatically identify the material head and tail of metal pipes and automatically cut them off,And can classify the material head and tail independently,No need for manual secondary processing;meanwhile,Can automatically identify whether there are pipes in the material warehouse,It can also intelligently and automatically perform counting、Automatic shutdown reminder for replacing saw blades and other functions。Can achieve1Operate multiple machines simultaneously by humans,Reduce operators,Save labor,Improve production efficiency,Save a lot of production costs for enterprises。


Fengshun fully automatic pipeline cutting has the following characteristics:

1、Independent double oil clamp,Tightly clamped,Prevent the rotation of the main pipe,Reduce the occurrence of bursting saw blades;Save a lot of consumables costs for enterprises。
2、Dual control of servo feeding and mechanical positioning,Cutting accuracy can reach±0.05mm;High precision、efficient,Low product waste,Save a lot of material costs for enterprises。
3、Automatic continuous feeding,No dead corners, no tailings,One person can operate multiple machines;Save a lot of labor and management costs for enterprises。
4.Dual pump oil pressure system,Independently adjust the clamping and cutting pressure,Prevent workpiece deformation,Scratched surface。
5.Cutting adopts dual cylinders,Ensure that the rectangular tube does not change the direction of the lower tube,Cutting without deformation and burrs。

6.Adopting an intelligent control system,Automatic cutting of tailings,There are significant advantages in cutting short pipes,Automatic detection of raw materials(workpiece)The length of,Automatic counting,Facilitate scientific management for enterprises。

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