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How does our pipe cutting machine usually work?What should I pay attention to when working?

The working principle of the pipe cutting machine is through a computer、Hydraulic mutual coordination,The direction of oil circuit movement in the hydraulic system is controlled by the electrical system,Pushing the drag board in a straight back and forth motion。The microcomputer will follow the user's customized cutting path,During back and forth movement,Based on the signal detected from the limit position of the drag board,Control and change its oil circuit movement,So as to achieve the expected cutting path。When purchasing a pipe cutting machine, it is also important to understand its purpose:This machine tool is widely used for cutting stainless steel pipes in the handle industry and other industries、Automated pipe opening for chamfering purposes。Placeable25Or below,Count Reg6Mi's stainless steel pipes and seamless steel pipes。Automatic feeding、cut off、Chamfering process,One person manages multiple machines,Reduce labor intensity and save personnel。

matters needing attention:

1.The spindle speed change must be carried out after parking。When shifting gears, they must be fully engaged。When the machine tool is found to be abnormal,Immediate parking inspection is required。

2.Adjust the cutting tool before cutting,Clamping the working object。The length of the clamping part shall not be less than50millimeter。The parking barrier needs to be fixed,After clamping、loosen、forward、After testing in reverse order,Only then can work be carried out。

3.When the machine tool is rotating,No part of the human body should come into contact with transmission components。During operation,We need to tie the cuffs properly,Wearing gloves is strictly prohibited for work。The human head should deviate from the cutting direction。

4.Swapping tools、Measuring workpieces、lubrication、When cleaning the pipe head,Must stop for operation。

5.When cutting the pipe head,To prevent the pipe head from flying out and injuring people。

6.When the long material pipe is placed in the material rack and the binding lead wire is loosened,Measures should be taken to prevent pipe rolling、Impact、Measures for crushing people。

7.Using a grinding wheel pipe cutting machine,The grinding wheel should be checked for any defects or cracks in advance、Moisturized,Is the power cord reliable。

8.The dust removal device of the pipe cutting machine should be intact,Before cutting。

9.No one should stand in the direction of workpiece feeding and discharging。

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