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How to maintain and upkeep the pipe bending machine

1、When cleaning the oil tank of the pipe bending machine,To clean the oil inlet filter of each pump。

2、After the device starts to be used1—2Within months,Clean the oil tank and filter the hydraulic tank once。

3、If it is found that the forward and retreat switches fail,Firstly, check if the solenoid valve is functioning properly,Recheck the sequence valve6X3、Overflow valveYF—L20H4Or one-way unloading valve4HD3Is there any impurity jamming phenomenon。 (This phenomenon is generally observed when the device is first used,Easy to occur)。If there is any jamming phenomenon,After dismantling and cleaning with gasoline or diesel,Just reinstall it。

4、Each joint in the hydraulic pump station is equipped with oil resistant rubber sealing rings、If the sealing ring is damaged、Oil leakage、It should be replaced in a timely manner。

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