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The fully automatic pipe cutting machine can achieve high-speed and high-precision cutting

  The total counter of the fully active pipe cutting machine can count the daily workload record。 Total pressure、ago、after、Pressure can be adjusted continuously,Ensure that the workpiece is not pinched or deformed,Choose a servo pipe cutting machine,Ensure the accuracy of pipe cutting length is within plus or minus0.05mmwithin(Its errors mainly occur on steel pipes and cutting tools),The incision is glossy without burrs。Fully active pipe cutting machine can actively clamp materials,Feed,Feeding、Scale settings,Fixed number of shutdown and job metering functions。Main Circuit Selection of Fully Active Pipe Cutting MachinePLCProgrammable logic controller job。 Active feeding of fully active pipe cutting machine,Material clamping、Cutting system,Accurate feeding,fast,Can be cut every minute10-50Secondary cutting material。The counter can set the number of times the material is cut,Proactively stop the machine after cutting the material。No manual operation is required during this process,Higher mechatronics integration,Even one person can operate multiple machines,Reduce employees。

  The fully automatic pipe cutting machine is developed based on the characteristics of pipe processing,Can be tailored for pipe customers,It is also possible to fully automate the process of feeding pipes to laser cutting,It can be automatically implemented until the final cutting process。The fully automatic pipe cutting machine can automatically cut square pipes、Rectangular tube、Circular tube、Elliptical and irregular tubes,You can also cut angle steel、Channel steel、I-beams andTSteel profiles and other profiles,In addition, it can also be applied to carbon steel、Stainless steel、aluminium alloy、Cutting of metal pipes such as copper alloys and titanium alloys,Professional training is also possible、high speed、Efficient and cost-effective cutting。

  The fully automatic pipe cutting machine can also achieve feeding、Material clamping、Rotation and cutting、Entering into chaos、Automatic actions such as cutting and cutting,Can be automatically completed by the machine tool,Truly reflecting the characteristics of fully automated products,It can also improve the productivity of users,The fully automatic pipe cutting machine can cut more complex shapes,High machining accuracy,Can cut successfully at once,No need for subsequent burr treatment。More convenient to operate,The scope of application is also becoming increasingly widespread。

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