What are the working principles of automatic pipe cutting machines?

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What are the working principles of automatic pipe cutting machines?

The automatic pipe cutting machine can automatically clamp materials、Feed、Feeding、Size settings、Fixed number shutdown and work metering functions。The main mechanical circuit adoptsPLCProgrammable Logic Controller Operation。Automatic feeding,Material clamping、Cutting system,Accurate feeding,fast,Can be cut every minute10-50Secondary cutting material。

The counter can set the number of times the material is cut,Automatic shutdown after material cutting。There is no need for manual operation at all,Higher mechatronics integration,Even one person can operate multiple machines,Reduce employees。The total counter can count the daily workload record。 Total pressure、ago、after、Pressure can be adjusted continuously,Ensure that the workpiece is not pinched or deformed,Using a servo pipe cutting machine,The accuracy of cutting pipe length is guaranteed to be positive or negative0.05mmwithin(Its errors mainly occur on steel pipes and cutting tools),The incision is glossy without burrs。

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